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Sixteen. Sixteen. She is the anchor that keeps his feet on the ground. He is the wings that keeps her heart in the clouds.

She,the GAL,belongs to him,the BOY<3(:
He,the BOY,belongs to me(the GAL)!<3(:
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Maybe this isn’t the end of us

I miss you. I honestly didn’t think we’d end up like this one day. Come back, i beg you. For you changed my world and me, I’d like to change yours too, for the better, and by being together, not apart.

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Goodbye, goodbye.
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If you had said no; if we never started this relationship, we wouldn’t be in this mess together. I wouldn’t say it was worth it or that I had a good time, but I never wanted the relationship to end. Funny how even after we’re going our own ways, we’re still going away together.

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Me, all the time X)

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